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The colorful mural painted by Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High freshman McKenzie Hester can remain on the side of Rick's Furniture Consignment Sales, the Melbourne Planning and Zoning Board has ruled. 20 rejection of the mural, which is located at Eau Gallie Boulevard and Guava Avenue.


Various Stands and Their Usage


There are all sorts of stands out there; represent laptop computers, means books, stands for monitors, you call it. However, not a great deal of people understands the differences in between them along with they believe. However, each stand has its own special set of qualities. Find more information on white gloss side table from .

Ergonomic Notebook Computer Stand

The stand enables the user to adjust it according to their comfort zone so that may be relaxed and stress free while working. The stand also enables the user to free up additional working space at the bottom; it comes with functions like USB centers, mouse pad, and fans to keep the note pad cool while in use to extend its life.

Adjustable Height Dual Monitor Stand

The adjustable height dual display stand is specifically designed for a user to easily use 2 screens at the very same time. This stand allows the user to adjust both monitors according to the angles she or he chooses, and since the height can be adjusted, the user can use the stand while standing along with sitting. You can take full advantage of the benefits of using not one however 2 screens at the very same time; they can be positioned on top of each other or side by side according to your taste, and can quickly be moved from one place to another.

Standing Desks

Standing desks may seem like common computer desks, however they have a twist. Standing desks can be changed to your preferred height, and enable you to have a large space for working.

Tablet Stands

There are stands for your tablets too. These stands are like the notebook stands, but do not have fans, and they can be adjusted to the needed height. You can also choose the bathroom tablet stands which allow you to use you tablets in the bathroom while you function. The stand enables you to extend the neck of the holder so that it matches your height and can be more comfortable to use as you will not have to be looking down as much.